Age: 16
Hometown: Americus, GA
School: Americus-Sumter High School
Year: 2020

Career Aspirations:
Commercial Pilot, United States Air Force Reserve Pilot

Hobbies & Interests:
Drone Piloting, Community Service

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Young Eagles, Boy Scouts of America: Eagle Scout, Civil Air Patrol: Albany, National Beta Club, Sumter County 4-H, Math Team, Summer Math and Science Honors Academy: Morehouse College, Technology Student Association, Science Club, Film Club, Spanish Club, Travel Club, Cross Country Team, Culinary Club, Robotics Team

Why are you passionate about aviation?
My love of aviation builds from my experiences with it. The first time I took a flight, I knew I wanted to work in the field of aviation, aerospace, or commercial pilot. I view the field of aviation as the best in the world, and the precision and professionalism of pilots captivated my imagination.

What is your future aspiration?
My future aspiration is to earn my private pilot’s license and work towards the overall goal of obtaining a commercial pilot's license. I want to serve my country as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Why did you choose to apply to Tuskegee NEXT?
I applied to Tuskegee NEXT to achieve my first step towards the goal of becoming a commercial pilot. It is an honor for me to be a part of the legacy, tradition, and pride of the Tuskegee Airman and what they embodied.