Age: 17
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
School: Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School/ Spring Theory High School
Year: Class of 2019

Career Interests:
Upon completion of this program, I will be a senior in high school where I will then apply to aviation universities. My next plan is to go to college and major in aviation to become a commercial pilot for a major airline.

Hobbies & Interests:
Poetry, dancing, singing, drawing, and video games.

Organizations/Clubs you belong to:
Civil Air Patrol – Brandywine Squadron. Achievers Program, Kappa/ Links. National Honor Society. A nominee for the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame.

Why are you passionate about aviation?
I have wanted to become a pilot since I first step on a plane at the age of 5. It is all I can think or dream to become.

What is your future aspiration?
My future aspiration is to be a commercial pilot for a major airline.

Why did you choose to apply to Tuskegee NEXT?
I chose to apply to Tuskegee Next Program because it gives an inner-city teenager – like me – an opportunity I would have never been able to experience living in a city. This program gave me an opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of something great and historic, that I can share this experience with other people. I was able to gain another family away from home, friendships that will last forever.