Name: Joseph Shelby Karriem
Age: 16
Hometown: Evanston, IL
School: Evanston Township High School
Year: Junior

Many urban youth are faced with difficult decisions in today's world - and sometimes none of them open doors. Tensions are high. Recent conflicts in Ferguson, Baltimore, and other cities indicate significant levels of frustration, anger, and despair.

Our programs are helping today's urban youth build hope and a future.

Joseph Karriem looks like any other teenager - but he has big dreams. If you were to ask him his interests, you'd hear typical things, like music, or tennis. But you'd also hear "air traffic control." That's because Joseph isn't content staying on the ground - he wants to build a career as a pilot.

Joseph likes to seize opportunities. When one arose to join the Civil Air Patrol, he seized it. And when Tuskegee Next arrived on the scene, Joseph knew this was for him. And now he's flying.