Born with the dream to fly, Hasan "Nikko Swain, was determined to make his dream a reality. Hasan was apart of the first graduating class of the Tuskegee NEXT Program. Not only did Hasan's passion and drive to become a pilot help him accomplish his goal of receiving his private pilot's license -  he left the program with so much more. During one of the life skills classes, Hasan’s eyes were opened to the vast opportunities the aviation industry had to offer. He enjoyed flying but the nuts and bolts of the aircraft intrigued him as well.

Hasan is a freshman at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He is heavily involved in multiple clubs like ROTC, Formula SAE (Student Design Competition), & Aerodynamic Team. He is also in the process of starting up a club called Ultralight Flying. The club mission is to put back together a Ultralight Plane that Hasan found sitting in the basement of IIT. If that's not impressive, he is also in the process of applying to Elon Musk's SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Even though Hasan's passion has expanded beyond the cockpit, he has been able to fly with one of his fellow Tuskegee NEXT graduate.

Hasan has also been presented with an opportunity to continue his flight with a flight training program in Philadelphia. He will be able to apply this training towards his Tailwheel and High-Performance Aircraft Rating.

After Hasan graduates IIT, he’s goal is work as an Aerospace Engineer and work directly with spacecraft focusing on propulsion (engine systems) and airframes.

Hasan is grateful for the opportunity of being a part of Tuskegee NEXT program and looks forward to giving back program in the future. He appreciates and recognizes the advantage he's received from earning his private pilot’s license. Hasan comments, "It has given me a new level of confidence that I never knew I had. I feel like I can take on the world after earning my license (private pilot) in two months. I can achieve the impossible."